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From "Ara Abrahamian" <>
Subject RE: XDocs Proposal
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 09:49:05 GMT
> There is still one remaining bug that the XDoclet team has -1'd - darn
> them.
> Dependency checking could use some work to save time.  Although an
> <uptodate> could probably work (although thats a complex mapping, so
> not without some effort).  If you run the build twice in a row (well,
> remove
> the <delete> in the "gen" target first) it will, I believe, skip
> the
> <template> subtasks (it will still, however, go through the time
> doclet process - couldn't this be avoided?).  But if you modify the
> template
> between runs it will *still* skip the generation.  Their is dependency
> checking from .java to resultant file but not against the template
> too.
> :(  Ara, are you listening?! :))

Yes I'm listening :-)
I'm sure Vincent will handle it soon.


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