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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject Re: [WIP]Selectors
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2002 18:31:44 GMT
From: "Bruce Atherton" <>

> >IExtendSelector:
> >
> >* Hmmm.  setAttrib9()?  Can we use the same pattern for extensibility
> >the file filter code uses?  Whether it's a good or bad pattern, we need
> >consistency.  I suspect that there's a good candidate somewhere there for
> >base class gets used by the mapper, file filter, and selector
> >beans, to take care of 90% of it.
> Love to. I wasn't aware of a pattern already being available. I'll take a
> look at it. Thanks for pointing it out.

Adam, I think, is referring to the FilterReader
codebase.  FilterReader used to have a generic
interface alone - but after the discussion we
had with cullers where you were of the opinion
that Ant cullers need not be limited to the same
syntax as user defined ones, I refactored
FilterReader to allow 'smart' syntax for Ant
recognized filters while user defined ones
will have to put up with the 'generic' syntax.
However, all filters can be defined using the
'generic' syntax as well - just like the example
you gave for filenameselector.  User can define
nested <param> elements to pass parameters
to the filterreader (or selector).

Naming the class attribute (of selectordef) as
classname is an informal standard that is followed.

You would also need a <classpath> element for
<selectordef> so that user can specify location
of selector class which is not necessarily in
the classpath when Ant was launched.


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