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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] simple input framework
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 16:20:13 GMT
... or wait fo my mail ...

Current CVS has an <input> task written by Ulrich Schmidt (who may
have left ant-dev, that's why I cc him).  This implementation directly
reads input from, which will be a big problem when running
Ant from an IDE or Antidote.

In proposal/sandbox/input I've started a very simple framework that
allows tasks to ask for user input and allows IDEs to intercept these
requests - it also allows input to be read from a properties file,
allowing interactive builds to be run in an unattended batch mode.

There are two minor changes two Project and Main.  Project now holds
an instance of an InputHandler and provides access to it, Main
provides a way to chose this handler on the command line.

Instead of reading input from, an implementation of the
InputHandler interface, that consists of the single method

    void handleInput(InputRequest request) throws BuildException;

is asked to take care of it.

The request encapsulates the prompt (which is the key for properties
loaded from the properties file at the same time) and may perform
input validation.

The DefaultInputHandler sends the prompt to System.out, which means it
will end up in Ant's logging system, and query user input from - reprompting until the user has provided some valid input.

Two other implementations are there as well - PropertyFileInputHandler
for unattended builds and SwingInputHandler which is nothing more than
a proof of concept (and very ugly indeed 8-).

I don't like the way the name of the property file gets passed to
PropertyFileInputHandler - currently a system property - but couldn't
come up with a better one without breaking the isolation between
InputHandler and Project.

See the README file for more details.

I'd like to see this proposal being accepted for the 1.5 time frame so
that we don't distribute <input> with its current limitations.


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