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From Peter Davis <>
Subject Re: Delete task is EVILEVILEVIL!!!
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 08:53:28 GMT
No offense to you, and I know we've all made mistakes before, but really the 
only question is "Why didn't you have backups?".  I know that I have deleted 
my own files by accident on several occasions (one time I typed "rm -rf 
somedir[tab][enter]" expecting the UNIX auto complete to kick in, and of 
course it didn't and I deleted the whole directory).  Since then, I have 
always made backups and always tested dangerous commands before I execute.

I don't know about everyone else, but the independent behaviour is actually 
how I expected <delete> to work.  The docs say that a dir selects an entire 
dir and a file selects a set of individual files, and nowhere does it say 
they are related (I'm not looking at the docs right now, but this is what I 
remember).  If this were to change, then it would not be as simple to, say, 
include 3 directories and a single file from a 4th.  I think it's useful to 
be able to specify both independently.

Sorry for your loss.  We all hate that sinking feeling when you realize what 
just happened, like going over the top of a roller coaster, but much less 
happy :)

On Tuesday 12 February 2002 18:51, Diane Holt wrote:
> And it's just rm -rf *'d over a year's worth of my work. To say the very
> least, I am not a happy camper!!
> In no other task (that I know of, anyway) do the "dir" and "file"
> attributes work *independent* of each other -- either you specify a "dir"
> and a file (or files) to include from that dir (ie., with usually with an
> "includes"), or you specify a "file", without specifying any dir (and if
> you try to specify both a "file" and a "dir", it will bark at you).
> Not so with <delete> -- it will merrily, wickedly, simply ignore the fact
> that you've specified both a directory and a file, and not care two squats
> if the dir is ., and the file doesn't exist.
> So, all the wonderfully clever things I've ever done in my $HOME/work/ant
> directory are now unaddressed bits on my disk (no, no backup -- this my
> home computer, and I hadn't felt any need to back it up yet).
> The only immediate thing I can think of to do to protect some other poor
> schlub from getting royally reamed is to put a big fat WARNING -- DANGER
> WILL ROBINSON!! on the man page. But I really, really think we should
> *disallow* both a "dir" and a "file" being specified (of course, Costin
> will probably shout that that would break backward compatibility) -- or
> put in some "safe" attribute that says "if the 'dir' is '.', issue a
> warning and exit post haste".
> Shit -- I need a drink.
> Yours very unhappily,
> Diane
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