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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject Apologies and different offer of help...
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 14:01:26 GMT
A while ago I offered to be part of the Ant2 implementation team -
looking back, this was a silly move. I have a fair amount of free time,
but it's not often in nice big blocks where I can really do the
design/initial coding needed for Ant2. Apologies for that.

However, I do often have half an hour at a time, or so. I'd be more than
willing to try to go through every class in Ant (or at least those I can
easily compile - I'm happy to put a few optional libraries here and
there, but nothing too elaborate!) and check for fields and methods
which aren't commented - work out what it looks like they do, and
document them.

Two questions:

1) Do people think this would actually be helpful? I suspect that a lot
of the time it would be trivial stuff - stuff where the method name
isn't *quite* clear enough, but 10 seconds of looking at the code makes
it obvious what's intended. Is it worth spending that extra time (not
only mine, but whoever has to look at the many patches which would be
generated by doing this) just to avoid people having to look at the
source? My feeling is that it is, but I can see that won't be universal

2) Which version should I do this on? If I attack the current CVS main
tree, a lot of the work in Ant2 will be missed - but if I attack the
proposal tree, I suspect a lot of things are prone to change there

Any thoughts welcome. It'll be a short while before I start it anyway -
I'm currently fighting with Eclipse's CVS handling to make it easy to
generate patches etc :(


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