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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject RE: Compilation error in VAJWorkspaceScanner
Date Sun, 24 Feb 2002 17:12:34 GMT
> I have noticed that some time ago and dropped a mail here and 
> asked a VAJ user about giving me the API of VAJ so that I can check it 
> or even create
> the missing mock objects. Conor kindly shared its mock jar 
> unfortunately it was incomplete since some changes apparently went 
> in since then.  I started creating it by hand based on the code but 
> it's a complete nightmare due to
> the coding style used which prevent from seeing the object used. ie
> getThat().getThis().getB().doThat() and a checked exception 
> thrown in the middle of it, so I dropped it. That was too much pain 
> to figure out the interface.

Right - I got the jar file by just installing VAJ - I'll uninstall it soon, when I've created
a mock interface :)

> You may have noticed the dependency to a 'commercial' product....
> I'm not even sure about the legal thing of having mock objects of the
> interfaces used in source control.

Yes, I don't know exactly what the situation would be with that... if we could try to work
that out, it would be very handy.
> If you can find someone that does have all dependencies :o)
> I have a load of it but far from all:
> activation, antlrall, bcel, bsf, oro, regexp, jdepend, jta, 
> junit, log4j,
> mail, netcomponents, netrexx, starteam,xalan2,xalan1,xerces, xslp
> All these are easy to get on the internet. more pain for xslp 
> that has to be
> retrieved/built from cvs, antlrall that has to be built and 
> starteam where
> you must go through the registering process to get the api.
> If someone wants to share its dependencies....

Well, everything builds for me at the moment. My extra jar files directory contains (*.jar):

activation bcel bsf bsh-1.2b3 ejb ejb10deployment jakarta-oro-2.0.5 
jakarta-regexp-1.2 jdepend junit log4j mail NetComponents-1.3.8
NetRexxC NetRexxR servlet starteam-sdk tools vaj weblogic xalan xalan12 
xerces xslp

(I think I did actually find a copy of xslp in built jar file form:

It's been removed from the current stream, but you can download the previous version...

weblogic.jar is just a mockup - two class files with main() in
starteam-sdk.jar involved installing the sdk, copying the jar file, then uninstalling
vaj.jar involved installing VAJ 4.0, jarring up some files and then I'll uninstall soon.

I probably didn't need both of the NetRexx jar files, but it was easier to have both.

Not sure why I didn't need antlrall...

> [...]
> >idea? Does a tool like this already exist?
> Don't think so. It would be useful as a workaround over a 
> situation that should not exist anyway...

Right. Sounds like a fun mini-project.

> This problem is an example of why we are now so reluctant at 
> including a task for a commercial product none of the committer is 
> familiar with or owns. Especially if it is a API dependency. It often 
> ends up with a set for life task with less support than others and 
> which is never used and never compiled. Alternatively it could also means 
> that there is no VAJ user using this task that built it from the cvs source...

Right. Hmmm. Well, I'll make the code change tomorrow, and try to keep an eye on things...

I suspect that if I can mock the interfaces up but not distribute those mocked up interfaces,
I'm probably okay legally - and I can keep making sure everything compiles. We can work out
whether or not I can distribute stuff later on.


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