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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject Compilation error in VAJWorkspaceScanner
Date Sun, 24 Feb 2002 12:57:19 GMT
I've finally managed to get all the appropriate libraries together to be
able to compile the *whole* of the src/main tree of CVS. (I had to cheat
a bit with WebLogic as DDCreator isn't part of WL5.1 and higher - but
only two WL classes are used and then only in terms of calling a main()

Unfortunately, I get what seems to be a reasonable error on compilation:

VAJWorkspaceScanner.match(Strin,String) Cannot reduce the visibility of
the inherited method from

(It's public in DirectoryScanner and protected in VAJWorkspaceScanner,
and static in both.)

Now for one thing, I'm entirely confused as to why it's there at all.
The definition is:

    protected static boolean match(String pattern, String str) {
        return DirectoryScanner.match(pattern, str);

It seems to me it that it can be removed entirely. Am I missing
something subtle? If no-one points out a reason for keeping it, I'll
remove it tomorrow.

More worrying, however, is that we've got code that doesn't compile. I
believe this has been a problem since November 28th 2001, when the
method was made public in DirectoryScanner. Shouldn't the automated
builds have shown this was a problem much earlier? Do the automated
builds not build the optional packages?

One thing I've been considering writing is a tool to make it rather
easier for people to be able to compile the whole source tree (rather
than using Ant's built-in ways of avoiding building what it won't know
about.) The tool would be run by someone who *did* have all the
appropriate libraries (or some subset of them) and would generate a jar
file which would be compatible with the interfaces given by those
libraries but would just supply a null implementation of everything. The
binaries produced by compiling code against such interfaces should never
be released due to potentially incorrect constants, etc - but it should
make it easier for people to get into a state where they can easily
compile all the optional tasks. Any thoughts about why this is a bad
idea? Does a tool like this already exist?


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