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From Cyrille Morvan <>
Subject Re: JOnAS integration into Jakarta/ANT
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2002 07:30:35 GMT
At 11:11 02/02/2002 +1100, wrote:

>I haven't looked at the taks and no very little about it. However I suspect
>it is because it needs modifications to a core task and thus they can't just
>ship it separately?

Yes it's the problem. The jonas element is a subtask of ejbjar element.
The file 
need a new method : "createJonas()".
I hope in futur, with Ant 2, we could make plug-in and distribute it 

I worked with the OpenTools API from Borland, it's very easy to make a new
plug-in for JBuilder. And there is a free listing of all the projects on
I hope Jakarta/Ant team will do the same for Ant 2.

>Anyways few committers are active in EJB stuff except Conor and he prolly
>just hasn't gotten to it yet. However if nothing happens in a bit and Conor
>has no objections to it? Then I will apply the patch  but I don't know
>anything about the code so there will be absolutely no way I will be able to
>verify it works or anything remotely equivelent :)

Thank you, when you will commit the patch, you can send a mail to the three 
personns :  from INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en 
Informatique et Automatique)  from  BULL/Evidian

We will test the CVS version and nightly build and send feedback.

Thank you again.

Cyrille Morvan
IT Student

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