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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: cullers
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 04:21:39 GMT
At 07:55 PM 2/25/02 -0500, Magesh Umasankar wrote:
><include name="*.java"> is the shorthand notation
>for specifying
><include name="*">
>     <selector type="name" operation="equals" value="*.java"/>

Although they end up in the same place, they take different routes to get 

Think about it in terms of set theory, where PatternSets define rules for a 
set and FileSets define a particular instance of the set.

Your first example says: fill the set with elements that match the filename 

Your second example says: fill the set with everything, and then take the 
intersection of that set and the set of elements which match the filename 

>Attribute name is in there for backwards compat reasons...
>Your problem can be addressed easily as follows:

I don't have a problem. I was just pointing out that your claim that "you 
ask the user to select a set of files using <include> and then select a 
subset of them. Whereas, my proposal lets the user to select just the set 
of files that is needed" is wrong. They both work the same way, selectors 
are just muddier about what they are doing.

>Looks good.  Though I would like it better if
>you name it <and> instead of <agreecull>.

<grin> I carefully avoided <and> since there is such sensitivity on this 
list to anything that smacks of the slippery slope of scripting, previously 
added features notwithstanding.

>   Also,
>I think it would be easier for people to
>grasp the name selector instead of cull, as selector,

Whatever. I wrote that code in December, when I was told that the concept 
was called cullers, so that's what I called it.

If we're going to paint this bikeshed, though... Since conceptually it is 
limiting what can go into a PatternSet or FileSet, don't you think a word 
that suggests removal is better? "Exclusions" is too long, but that sort of 
idea. "Cull" works well here since it is nice and short, but I hear what 
you are saying about the term being rare.

>  I would
>also be interested in seeing a <selectorset>
>that can be passed as reference to <fileset>.

Not sure I grasp the point here. PatternSet already does this. Why do you 
need another? The only reason I can think of is to get around the 
PatternSet "mingling" I was discussing last week, and if that is the issue 
there may be better ways to tackle it.

><exclude> works on the previously <include>d items
>only.  There is no extra trip.

Sure there is, in the same way as your first example: by (conceptually, if 
not in code) creating a set of everything and then taking the intersection 
of that set and the set of read only files and the set of files with size 
greater than 5. Why is the set of everything in there? Only because you've 
forced it on the user whether they want it or not.

>Consistency and less support calls like "why am
>I not able to specify a selector like Ant Core

We're talking about different things, static and dynamic selectors. You 
seem to assume that users won't be able to differentiate between the two, 
but I don't believe that. And there is a very large usability downside to 
forcing consistency on these similar but different things. If consistency 
isn't making something MORE usable, why do you want it?

Of course we all want users to be free to do everything in their own 
classes that they can do in Ant, but in many, many ways that is going to 
have to wait until Ant2. No need to make life for users any more unpleasant 
than necessary until Ant2 arrives, though.

>Please do so and also consider the following requests:
>* naming culler as selector,
>* culler must select items from a list - not select away,
>   If you want it the other way, name it <deselect>
>* selectorset with nested selectors, and, or, not elements,
>   and referencable by id so that it can be reused in
>   other filesets.

As far as the name goes, either way it is limiting the list rather than 
adding to it. <limit>? <limit-to>? I don't know. I'm not sure <deselect>
quite the right idea. Does anyone have any suggestions? I mean Magesh, if 
after reading my comments on this you are still convinced that <selector> 
is correct, I can do that, it's no big deal. It just doesn't seem to 
describe the action being requested to me, but rather what Erik was 
thinking it meant.

I can change the sense of the boolean return value, no problem. I don't 
care which way it goes, so long as it is clear from the name which 
direction it goes in.

I still don't understand the need for selectorsets, but I'm willing to be 

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