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From Akhil Arora <>
Subject Re: new ant task to update J2ME MIDP JAD files
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 03:52:10 GMT
thanks for the thorough code review, jon
are you signing up to commit this code, then?
another question: is it ok to use java2-specific calls in ant?

Jon Skeet wrote:
> > I wrote a small ant task (called jad) that is useful for J2ME/MIDP
> > development. This task updates the size of a MIDlet jar in the jad
> > file. The jar size mentioned in the jad must be accurate or the MIDlet
> > is rejected by Motorola's iDEN phones. Sun's J2ME Wireless Toolkit
> > does this automatically, but this tool is useful for those who prefer
> > to build MIDlets using ant (like myself :-)).
> Looks mostly okay to me. A few things:
> 1) Copyright - I don't think we'd be able to do anything without the ASF being given
the copyright and the licence changing appropriately.

that will not be a problem
> 2) We'd probably want to change the package to something like

no problem
> 3) Any reason why the jar is specified as a File but the jad is specified as a String?

after some testing i found that File works much better than String, so
now both are Files. thanks
> 4) I'd probably move tryExecute into the block of the try, personally, but that's just
a style issue.
> 5) I'd clean up closing readers/writers with finally blocks - currently they could hang

> 6) Is a Jad file actually a Properties file? I can't remember off-hand... If so, it's
worth using the Properties.load and methods rather than reading it in directly.

no, it is like a manifest. i too first thought of just using
Properties, but Properties uses '=' as the separator, whereas JADs use
> 7) If it's not a actually a Properties file, is it at least meant to be in a specific
encoding? If so, it's worth specifying.

the MIDP spec says that the JAD is in Unicode
> 8) It's probably worth doing more "user friendly" parameter checking than relying on
IOExceptions - check for both files existing and the jad file being writable before trying
to do anything else.

> I'm a pretty new committer, so I don't know if there's anything else that needs checking.
Oh, and do you fancy writing a manual page for it? :)

do you mean extras like javadocs, internationalization? i added

as to the manual page, i must write one, i suppose. i may not have
time to do this before JavaOne, though.

> Jon
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