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From "Bill Burton" <>
Subject Re: XDocs Proposal: sample HTML output!
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 20:53:22 GMT

This time, several generated task docs in a .zip file ...

If the new logo was available on the site, I could have used it :) .


Bill Burton wrote:
> Hello,
> I've created a DVSL stylesheet and made some slight modifications to the
> XDoclet task_xdoc.template so that the <attribute> and <element> tags are
> nested inside a set of <attributes> and <elements> tags respectively.
> This makes it much easier to match in the stylesheet.  Even though the XML
> is different than the the standard DTD used by the Jakarta xdocs, I mapped
> it so that each of the <long-description>, <attributes> and <elements>
> tags format like the <section> tag and each <element> tag formats like a
> <subsection> tag.
> Attached (hopefully) is a generated HTML version of the uptodate task.  In
> the parameters table, I threw in the type just to make it more
> interesting.  It would have been fairly easy to make it only show the
> class without the package but handling of types would be better done in
> the XDoclet Ant support classes.
> One of the big things currently missing from the XML is the parameters for
> nested elements aren't getting generated so only the description can be
> displayed.  For a rough idea of what output could look like with
> parameters, go to
> and scroll
> down to the "Parameters specified as nested elements" section and look at
> the "tool" element.
> -Bill
> Bill Burton wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > Erik Hatcher wrote:
> > > Now all we need is an XSL wiz to create something that will generate Anakia
> > > xdocs from these XML files and we can get the process rolling to get this
> > > stuff in HTML format and see how it compares and gradually build it up to as
> > > full featured as the current HTML docs (with some caveats on the attribute
> > > rules though).  Stephane?  What can you do with the XML that is generated
> > > from this?
> >
> > Since I already have a DVSL (
> > stylesheet for generating the Ant manual from xdocs, I'll take at look at
> > what you're generating and try to enhance this suitably.
> >
> > If someone want's to try an XSLT version, pull jakarta-site2 from CVS.
> > There's a site.xsl which would probably be a good place to start.
> >
> > -Bill
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