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From "Bill Burton" <>
Subject Re: XDocs Proposal
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 04:31:17 GMT

Erik Hatcher wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Bill Burton" <>
> > When you implement support for categories, I suggest making
> > AntSubTask.getGeneratedFileName return the destination directory based on
> > the @ant:category tag rather than the package directory.
> Good suggestion.  I was actually thinking of making it more flexible by
> taking a hint from how XDoclet does it with the {0} syntax to denote package
> directory structure output on a per-class basis versus (like
> a template which processs all classes internally.
> So, something like {0} is the task name, {1} is the category name, etc.
> This will take some figuring out, but it could be made quite flexible.  Man,
> I love MessageFormat!  :)
> Perhaps even a mapper should be used instead (MessageFormatMapper? :)

I looked briefly to see where {0} was comming from but it wasn't obvious
to me.

Since categories are an entirely new thing, it seems simpler to me just to
pick ones that are simple to use with the category attribute and then no
mapping would be required.  

> > This way, the
> > generated XML will be in the same relative directory structure we'll want
> > for the transformed HTML.  Otherwise, it will be rather messy trying to do
> > this as part of the XML to HTML transformation.
> Agreed.  This was something I had considered - wasn't sure how we wanted the
> files to be output.  We could even have all the tasks merged into one XML
> file if we wanted, of course.

Hmmm.  The problem with the single file approach is that you have to
regenerate everything if any task changes.  Also, assuming the HTML will
be as it is now with one file per task, it's much easier to generate one
HTML file for each XML file based on the way the <style> and <dvsl> tasks
now work.  Doing it any other way means the built-in dependency checking
of these tasks won't work.

If someone really wants all the tasks in a single file, writing a
stylesheet or maybe even concatenating all the files together would be the
simple approach.  

> > P.S. Where's Diane's work?
> ew.html?rev=1.3&content-type=text/plain

Okay, thanks.  I'll see if I can generate something similar to that.

Thanks for applying my patch.


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