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From Colin Sampaleanu <>
Subject Re: Ids from paths not propogated through antcalls unless path is top-level
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 20:55:41 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:

>On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, Colin Sampaleanu <> wrote:
>>If I don't do this, then what effectively happens is that if I have
>>multiple targets in the dependency chain which say they depende on
>>init, as well as some other target, init will be called multiple
>No.  If all you have are depends attributes on targets and no <ant> or
><antcall> tasks are involved, every target will be executed at most
>once per build.  Where
>ant A B
>counts as two builds, just to clarify.
>If you see some different behavior, you've found a bug - and we'd like
>to have a testcase to reproduce it, of course 8-).
Ok, but there's the rub. In my build files I have a number of targets 
which are simply there to set certain key properties or do some 
lightweight work. I very of do use
  ant A B C D
where A,B,C are only there to set things up, and D is the one the does 
the 'real' work. Before I started shielding my init tasks with a 
property so they would only run once, the init would end up running once 
for each target on the command-line. Pretty annoying given that it was 
doing a fair amount of work and printing out a number of things. In some 
respects what is almost needed is a reset target to support both of 
these behaviors, e.g.
  ant A B C ! D E F
would  do A, B, then C, but taking into account dependencies of all of 
them together, then reset the dependency memory, and do the same thing 
for D, E, and F.

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