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From Colin Sampaleanu <>
Subject bug: Ids from paths not propogated through antcalls unless path is top-level
Date Sun, 24 Feb 2002 20:54:10 GMT
Unless I am missing something, there is a bug in Ant 1.4.1 in that ids 
from path structures don't propogate (aren't usable) through antcalls, 
unless the path structure defining the id is top level. Consider the 
following ant script:
<?xml version="1.0"?>

<project default="main" basedir=".">

   <path id="id.path1">
     <pathelement path="build"/>

   <target name="main">
     <echo message="entering main"/>

     <path id="id.path2">
       <pathelement path="build"/>
     <property name="prop.path1" refid="id.path1"/>
     <echo message="prop.path1=${prop.path1}"/>
     <property name="prop.path2" refid="id.path2"/>
     <echo message="prop.path2=${prop.path2}"/>

     <antcall target="target1"/>

   <target name="target1">
     <echo message="entering target2"/>
     <property name="prop2.path1" refid="id.path1"/>
     <echo message="prop2.path1=${prop2.path1}"/>
     <property name="prop2.path2" refid="id.path2"/>
     <echo message="prop2.path2=${prop2.path2}"/>

On my system, running the main target generates the following output:
Buildfile: build.xml

      [echo] entering main
      [echo] prop.path1=G:\temp\build
      [echo] prop.path2=G:\temp\build

      [echo] entering target2
      [echo] prop2.path1=G:\temp\build


G:\temp\build.xml:27: Reference id.path2 not found.
The id from the first path, id.path1, which is defined in the top-level 
section, is available both in the initial and the called target. When I 
define a path, id.path2, that id is available only in the initial 
target, and not in the called target.

This bug is extremely nasty for me, since instead of defining all my 
paths at the top level like most people seem to do, I need to define 
some paths in one of my init targets, after I have conditionally read in 
one or another property file. This bug effectively stumps me.

Am I missing something?

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