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From "Bill Burton" <>
Subject Re: Official direction for xdocs
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 19:20:53 GMT

Paul Hammant wrote:
> Thanks Stefan, Erik & Bill,

You're welcome.


> It seems odd to me that many of the major projects at Apache have xdocs,
> but there is no way of using the downloaded ant via ANT_HOME to
> completely build the project.  Avalon "solves" the issue by keeping in
> its tree its own version of Ant. In that ant we have stuffed many other
> jars.  It kinda diminishes the experience of the newbie.  

Or maybe you mean enhances it.

> In one line : I find it odd that Ant has no default way of building
> xdocs in its downloadable form.

Because it contains almost no xdocs :)  Even if the entire manual was in
xdocs format, someone downloading an Ant runtime would not need to rebuild
Ant's docs.  

However, to support what you suggest would require including the
velocity-1.2-dep.jar with the distribution which currently weighs in at
474 KB.  Then if XDoclet becomes a requirement for generating task xdocs,
that adds more heft as well.  But that would only be needed by those doing
task development.  The thing is most builds don't use this functionality. 
If your's does, then include those jars in your distribution so it will be
self contained just as you've described for Avalon.

Once the Ant manual has been converted to xdocs, there could be a
paragraph mentioning how it was generated and where to obtain the support
to do similar things yourself.  It could also contain links to other Ant
supported ways of generating documenation.


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