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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Gump with mutant
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 04:11:30 GMT
I have hacked Gump a little and had it run with mutant. You can see the 
results of my ant based run here

and the corresponding mutant based run here

I still have some issues to work out in my Ant-based Gump run.

Anyway, I though it may be interesting to see how mutant compares. 
Overall it doesn't do too bad. I have had a quick look of the builds 
where mutant failed and ant did not.

jakarta-cactus-ant and xml-axis use the CallTarget class directly but 
this doesn't exist in mutant

jakarta-avalon-excalibur causes mutant a problem with filtering. I have 
to look into this.

jakarta-tomcat basically works until it tries to copy ant.jar from 
ant.home/lib. That doesn't exist in mutant.

jakarta-struts - not sure of the cause of this failure yet

jakarta-tools, town, dist-xerces, jakarta-watchdog all use <copydir>. I 
actually include the copydir task at this stage but forgot to <taskdef> 
it in the Ant1 compatability library.

jakarta-turbine-tdk-docs, jakarta-velocity-test, xml-xalan2-smoketest - 
These seem to have a problem with taskdefs

jakarta-slide, test-ant, xml-xindice  - not sure what is happening yet.

xml-crimson uses AntStructure which mutant does not support yet.

xmlunit - may need a dependency on junit in gump's definition.


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