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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: @tags
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 23:05:33 GMT
On Tue, 26 Feb 2002 09:55, Erik Hatcher wrote:
> > o Add todo tag option to root build.xml (?)
> I am planning on doing this.  I've actually got it ready to go.  The
> question is: Where do I put xdoclet.jar?  Or just leave it as an external
> dependency and use <available> to fail the "todo" target gracefully if its
> not there?

I would do it as an external dependency atm - you could defauly to using the 
jar in myrmidons lib dir because that aint going anywhere for time being ;)

> > o Learn where to use the new ant:task stuff before fixing up the tasks
> Don't worry about the @ant:task thing.  I'll prototype it.  Its actually
> going to be minimal work currently.  I want to mimic Diane's
> categorization, so all tasks will have @ant:task category="..." at the very
> least.  For a task name, I'm going to use an XDoclet tag handler (a custom
> tag for an XDoclet template) that will be smart about task names.  Most
> task names are the lowercased version of their class name.  For the
> exceptions (i.e. we'll add a name="..." to the @ant:task also. 
> I've also added logic to strip a trailing "Task" from the class name if it
> exists (with @ant:task name="..." taking precedence) - I use the convention
> of
> <name> personally, but that isn't really the Ant taskdefs
> convention.


Looks like my weekly reminder wont be needed this week ? ;)



"The perfect way is only difficult for those who pick and choose.  Do not
like, do not dislike; all will then be clear.  Make a hairbreadth
difference and heaven and earth are set apart; if you want the truth to
stand clear before you, never be for or against." - Bruce Lee

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