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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Delete task is EVILEVILEVIL!!!
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 02:51:10 GMT
And it's just rm -rf *'d over a year's worth of my work. To say the very
least, I am not a happy camper!!

In no other task (that I know of, anyway) do the "dir" and "file"
attributes work *independent* of each other -- either you specify a "dir"
and a file (or files) to include from that dir (ie., with usually with an
"includes"), or you specify a "file", without specifying any dir (and if
you try to specify both a "file" and a "dir", it will bark at you).

Not so with <delete> -- it will merrily, wickedly, simply ignore the fact
that you've specified both a directory and a file, and not care two squats
if the dir is ., and the file doesn't exist.

So, all the wonderfully clever things I've ever done in my $HOME/work/ant
directory are now unaddressed bits on my disk (no, no backup -- this my
home computer, and I hadn't felt any need to back it up yet).

The only immediate thing I can think of to do to protect some other poor
schlub from getting royally reamed is to put a big fat WARNING -- DANGER
WILL ROBINSON!! on the man page. But I really, really think we should
*disallow* both a "dir" and a "file" being specified (of course, Costin
will probably shout that that would break backward compatibility) -- or
put in some "safe" attribute that says "if the 'dir' is '.', issue a
warning and exit post haste".

Shit -- I need a drink.

Yours very unhappily,


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