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From Kevin Toomey <>
Subject Problem with Execute on W2K
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 01:11:35 GMT

I've been banging my head against the wall on this one. Hopefully
someone can point me in a direction. I apologize in advance for the
length of the post, but I don't want to leave out what could be an
important detail. 

I've got an application that runs within WebLogic that we use to build
applications using Ant. It's an NT box running W2K, WebLogic 5.1.0 (as
a service) Ant1.4.1, and Java1.3.1_02.
The app has a JSP interface that allows the user to choose a specific
build, update some configurable properties, and fire off the build.
Everything has been running fine, until this weekend. The box has been
warm-booted (Ctrl+Alt+Del) in the past, but this weekend it was
cold-booted due to a power shutdown. Also, Tivoli software (endpoint)
was installed on the box. In other words, something in the environment
The problem that I'm experiencing is if I use fork=yes attribute with
javac task, I get the following error:

--- Nested Exception --- CreateProcess: javac -d
D:\BuildMeister\Kevin\classes -classpath
-sourcepath D:\BuildMeister\Kevin\java -g:none
@d:\weblogic5\jikes-7259966342106650854 error=2
at java.lang.Win32Process.create(Native Method)

If I don't use fork=yes, everything is fine. If I don't run the server
as a service, and run it from a command prompt, everything runs fine
whether or not I use fork=yes. I updated a copy of Execute to dump out
what values it had:

(messages from the javac task)
KHT - In the exec method of Java13CommandLauncher
Execute:Java13CommandLauncher: javac -d D:\BuildMeister\Kevin\classes
-sourcepath D:\BuildMeister\Kevin\java -g:none
KHT - cmd [0] = javac
KHT - cmd [1] = -d
KHT - cmd [2] = D:\BuildMeister\Kevin\classes
KHT - cmd [3] = -classpath
KHT - cmd [4] =
KHT - cmd [5] = -sourcepath
KHT - cmd [6] = D:\BuildMeister\Kevin\java
KHT - cmd [7] = -g:none
KHT - cmd [8] = @d:\weblogic5\jikes-7259966342106650854
KHT - env is null
KHT - working dir = D:\BuildMeister\Kevin
KHT - Caught an InvocationTargetException
KHT - realexc is instanceof IOException

I know it's creating the jikes-7259966342106650854 file because I see
it in the directory. I tried putting a shortcut to javac in the working
directory, but no luck.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any help,

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