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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject Re: What is going on in ANT1.x
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2002 09:59:04 GMT
 --- Stefan Bodewig <> wrote: > On
Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Adam Murdoch
> <> wrote:
> > This is the magic of UnknownElement, which extends
> Task, but can
> > turn itself into a data type.
> <very good description snipped />
> > There's some very brittle stuff in there.
> It is, most of it is mine and I'm not proud of it
> ...

Yeap, it would have been nice if the list had had a
chance to discuss the implementation before it was
committed. One of the problems I see, is that when
code gets put in by committers, in very few occacions
other review the code. So when a problem is found it
is ussually to late, because there is a release
already out.

> > We would do far worse than to refactor the project
> building code,
> > and take the compatibility hit.
> I'm not sure whether I'm parsing this correctly.
> Are you proposing to refactor the project building
> code (which would
> be fine) without care for backwards compatibility
> (which would get my
> -1 if you want to do it in Ant 1.x)?
> Thinking about the situation Jose Alberto describes,
> this bug is
> breaking our type system, but at the same time it
> allows data types to
> be defined inside TaskContainers, which makes them
> parallel targets
> even stronger.  I kind of like this and tend to call
> it a feature 8-)

Actually, the real bug here is that the signature of
TaskContainer is wrong. It should have been:

  interface TaskContainer {
     void addTask(ProjectComponent c);

the problem here is that such a fix would be really
backward incompatible. Another solution which I think
could be backward compatible is to have DataType
extend Task and provide, possibly final,
implementations for all the methods required by Task
making them harmless.

That should be all that is needed, as I see it.

Maybe there are additional consequences I do not
forsee, any comments?

Jose Alberto

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