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From Nigel Magnay <>
Subject [contrib] Additional VSS optional tasks
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 14:23:56 GMT


In a project I'm doing I found need for additional VSS commands, CP and Add.
I have
packaged the small code and documentation amendments for these and enclosed
them for
addition. I have no login to CVS so I am guessing the safest thing to do is
to put
the changes here. 

There are a couple of other features that I am currently using or would like
which I was wondering if they would be valid additions.

Firstly, the Telnet task - would be really useful if it could expand
properties -
that way I could do 
<write>unjar xvf ${buildoutput}</write>

Secondly, a lot of what we do involves creating custom XML deployment
for particular target machines. What we do is to have a
file, which is read and sets a lot of platform specific variables. What I
like to do is to copy a 'template' file to a destination, expanding any
in the source file into the equivalent property value. This is very much
the Filterset functionality, with the exception that I don't want to have to
say up-front the names of all the tokens that I want to replace. I have done
currently with a custom task derived from Copy, but it strikes me that a
place would be a variant on the type of filterset.


 Nigel R. Magnay

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