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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject Re: [SUBMIT] Refactor & combination of mail tasks
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2002 02:25:07 GMT
From: "Erik Hatcher" <>

> Agreed... but most of the folks that have 
> submitted the patches are already running 
> fine with their own custom built version of 
> Ant and aren't in a hurry for it to be rolled 
> into a nightly build. 

I have seen quite a few e-mails from the 
contributors in the not-so-distant-past 
which clearly told that they were not
satisifed with our turn around time.  Why
would they even contribute when their systems
were already running with their custom 

Anyway, I am not arguing here - I understand
we can get to the patches only upon our own

> As long as we address the patches prior to a 
> release by either applying them or postponing 
> them for good reason then we're still doing 
> ok, aren't we?

Fixing a release date and then looking at the
available patches to meet that date is not better 
than applying existing patches which push for a 
new release.

> I agree its nice to keep up with them regularly 
> if at all possible. Its just not possible for me 
> currently to devote that large of a block of time 
> for practically anything - I'm able to do quick 
> patches and address e-mail support which is important 
> to our collective committer mission too.

Don't get me wrong.  I am not imposing on you
in any way.  Forgive me, if I gave that impression.
I just made a request because you had been involved
with the code; that is all...  And I really really
know the huge amount of time you spend on ant-dev, 
ant-user, and jguru, which, frankly, I think you
shouldn't be, lest you burn out :-)

>     Erik


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