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From "Stephane Bailliez" <>
Subject Re: [SUBMIT] Refactor & combination of mail tasks
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2002 06:41:14 GMT
----- Original Message -----
From: "Erik Hatcher" <>

> Agreed... but most of the folks that have submitted the patches are
> running fine with their own custom built version of Ant and aren't in a
> hurry for it to be rolled into a nightly build. As long as we address the
> patches prior to a release by either applying them or postponing them for
> good reason then we're still doing ok, aren't we?

> I agree its nice to keep up with them regularly if at all possible. Its
> not possible for me currently to devote that large of a block of time for
> practically anything - I'm able to do quick patches and address e-mail
> support which is important to our collective committer mission too.

+1 Erik, just continue the way you are with the time you have. Diane and you
are doing great with support which is important. There is more value added
to Ant by providing excellent support than a patch.
When you read the comment from bug 5307 which was mainly an explanation of
the issue (it's not critical and there is an easy workaround so patched now
or in a month does not change anything), that really illustrate your point,
user is happy to learn and be listened and ant-dev is happy to have these
nice comments.

------- Additional Comments From
2002-02-03 15:33 -------
Thanks for this correction and for your good explanation of the issue...
I'll use your tips in the future (debug and verbose options).

I enjoy working with Apache tools. You really help us having a better
(development) world :)

There is no point in exagerating patch support. It's not like a mission
critical app., and we don't have to accept everything to make a kitchen sink
just to please everybody. If someone sent a patch and that's a blocker, than
she is using a workaround or a patched version. If someone sent a task then
she is using that task already. That's not because we make it in build v
02/02/2002 rather than v1.5 final that it will change anything. However it
must be in 'final'.
FWIW I'm running v1.4.1 in my company and did not even patch it to fix the
SQL task problem we were having, even if it was critical at this time for
our deployment we use a workaround, and now it's not needed anymore.


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