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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject Re: @tags
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 22:55:10 GMT
----- Original Message -----
From: "Jon Skeet" <>

> So, plans:

> o Add tag option to JavaDoc task (ignore if not using 1.4? Warning? I'm
not up on the conventions here)

Dunno.  <javadoc> is a huge beast of a task.

> o Add todo tag option to root build.xml (?)

I am planning on doing this.  I've actually got it ready to go.  The
question is: Where do I put xdoclet.jar?  Or just leave it as an external
dependency and use <available> to fail the "todo" target gracefully if its
not there?

> o Learn where to use the new ant:task stuff before fixing up the tasks

Don't worry about the @ant:task thing.  I'll prototype it.  Its actually
going to be minimal work currently.  I want to mimic Diane's categorization,
so all tasks will have @ant:task category="..." at the very least.  For a
task name, I'm going to use an XDoclet tag handler (a custom tag for an
XDoclet template) that will be smart about task names.  Most task names are
the lowercased version of their class name.  For the exceptions (i.e. we'll add a name="..." to the @ant:task also.  I've also added
logic to strip a trailing "Task" from the class name if it exists (with
@ant:task name="..." taking precedence) - I use the convention of
<name> personally, but that isn't really the Ant taskdefs

The biggest thing will be pulling the documentation from the HTML into the
Javadoc comments for each attribute/element method, and we can do that
gradually.  I could even implement merge points in XDoclet to go out and
fetch pieces from the HTML, although this is probably unnecessary work, as
pulling it into Javadocs makes the most sense for attribute/element stuff.
For the examples, I think merge points make great sense though, allowing
them to be separate in cleaner syntax than HTML encoded Javadoc stuff.


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