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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject Re: cullers
Date Sun, 24 Feb 2002 21:45:06 GMT
From: "Bruce Atherton" <>

> Here, as promised, is my cullers submission. It is still in early stages,
> needs things like tests and many more cullers (including a dynamic load
> but represents the essence of what is involved.
> I've included two cullers so far, <sizecull> and <datecull>, but
> new ones is fairly straightforward. I've included a bit of documentation
> show you how it all works, though it is not yet ready for prime time. It
> cullers.html in the types/cullers directory.
> The tar file should be extracted in src/main/org/apache/tools/ant. If you
> want to put it into the proposal sandbox, go ahead.
> I've also included a patch file below for those existing files that I have
> made changes to, for those for whom patches are an easier read. I don't
> any of my changes could possibly impact people using the classes
> programatically, save for the unavoidable namespace collisions. Note that
> put any added methods of DirectoryScanner into CullerScanner, so anyone
> FileScanner will not experience problems with unimplemented methods.
> All feedback, suggestions for improvement, pointing out of errors, and
> comparisons with the selectors proposal welcomed.


I haven't yet taken a deep enough look at your proposal.
So, these comments are from what I have noticed in the
html page that you submitted alongwith.

1. You have conceptualized cullers as elements of patternset
- perhaps the most prominent difference between this and
the selectors proposal which implements selectors at the
include/exclude level.  Agreed, both these have its own
advantages/drawbacks, though I tend to prefer it at the
include/exclude level.

2. Selector proposal allows addition of user-defined
selectors without having to touch PatternSet and/or FileSet.
However, the penalty for that is the syntax for passing
in the selector clauses is somewhat crude - I guess this
is why you needed ExtendCuller... Anyway, this would
be addressed in Ant2 though.

Other than these two, I do not see a whole lot of
difference and would ask _you_ to point out any
other differences that I seem to have missed :-)

I am especially interested to understand what prompted
you to invest the time to create a totally new proposal -
did you notice glaring _fundamental_ defeciency in the
selectors proposal?


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