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From "Stephane Bailliez" <>
Subject Re: [METRICS] jakarta-ant/proposal/myrmidon
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2002 11:23:50 GMT
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From: "Peter Donald" <>

> Im just in the middle of downloading the Webgain QA demo and I was
> if you would mind sending me the build file you use to generate the stuff
> ant. Also if you have generated any custom rules I would love to get my
> grubby lil hands on them ;)

See attached files. (custom rules are certainly not an example of how to
things, I'm a bit short on the API here)
you have script, build file and xsl file used for generating reports and

- runs the whole thing. Read the parameters at the top and change them
for you, browse quickly the rest and it should be self explanatory.

- build.xml is not very nice but major parts are separated and commented,
you will need to customize for your webgain-qa.home, jprobe-home, and your
mailhost. It assumes there is a custom rule directory in
(see path id 'custom-rules'). It would be nicer to generate this xml file
based on a gump-like descriptor for a project.

- If you run QA, please use the latest tasks that were committed yesterday.
(previous one did not have the custom rules path and a couple of other
things) it still need load of works, in fact I would need an additional
method in <path> that get me all the base directories that were used to
build a path. I'm not sure yet, so this is not that convenient.

- in your webgain-qa.home/, please add:
otherwise chance is that it will break.

> Im trying to sell the tool at work - unfortunately it is now bundled with
> Webgain studio and unavilable separately :( Oh well.

Yes. But you will be ok by only keeping the QA directory. You just need to
download and install the 350MB. :-)

If you have any problem, feel free to ask. Any fix, feel free to commit. :-)



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