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From "Paul Sorenson" <>
Subject smart jar
Date Sat, 16 Feb 2002 03:20:32 GMT
This is kind of a user/dev issue in one so I hope I am not cluttering the

I would like to use ant to build jar files which essentially contain only
required classes/resources.

I currently do this by executing a modified version of ziplock in a
build file (there are some arguments to modify what goes in the
jar).  Now I was going to turn this into an Ant task and assuming the
license is compatible, contribute it but it occurred to me that the optional
Depend task probably already has the core functionality needed.

So my question is, should I just go ahead and turn ziplock into a task or
can anyone comment on whether Depend could easily be modified to do this.

To take this a little further I think what I am really after is a Depend
element that returns a fileset containing all dependent classes/resources
(in contrast to a Dependset) which I could then use in a Jar task.

I guess a related question is whether the fileset logic includes a way to
reference "files" within a jar file, say with a URL type syntax?


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