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From "Magesh Umasankar" <>
Subject Re: Apologies and different offer of help...
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 15:05:16 GMT
From: "Jon Skeet" <>

> 1) Do people think this would actually be 
> helpful? I suspect that a lot of the time 
> it would be trivial stuff - stuff where 
> the method name isn't *quite* clear enough, 
> but 10 seconds of looking at the code makes
> it obvious what's intended. 

-1 to change the name of a non-private method
that has been released.  -1 to change name of 
methods unless we have a really really good 
reason.  It will be too much pain just for
aesthetics.  If the method name appears not
upto the mark, please consider improving
the documentation so that the real intent of 
the method is exposed.

> Is it worth spending that extra time (not

Adding documentation wherever it is lacking
appears worthwhile to me.  However, changing
method names does not ;-(

> 2) Which version should I do this on? If I 
> attack the current CVS main tree, a lot of 
> the work in Ant2 will be missed - but if I 
> attack the proposal tree, I suspect a lot 
> of things are prone to change there anyway.

Please go against the main trunk.

> Any thoughts welcome. 

Take a look at BugZilla.  There are a few
enhancement requests and bug reports that 
have been out there for a long time, but 
none have come up with the necessary patches 
yet.  Perhaps, you could spend your energy on
some of those?

> Jon

Thanks for your offer to help.


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