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From "Adam Murdoch" <>
Subject IntrospectionHelper questions
Date Sun, 16 Dec 2001 11:34:49 GMT


Some questions about IntrospectionHelper and friends.

- IntrospectionHelper arbitrarily chooses an attribute setter method for a
class when there is more than one of the same precedence.  It silently
ignores the others.  Is there a reason for not failing, or at least writing
a warning?  Any problems with me adding a warning?  Is an arbitrary choice
of setter method really that useful?

- Same sort of thing happens with 'create', 'add' and 'addConfigured'.  What
was the intention there?  It looks like it was supposed to be choosing one
of them, and ignoring the rest (it's not *quite* doing that).  Any problems
with a warning?  Again, is arbitrary choice really that useful?

- It looks like a refactor is overdue on the project
parsing/construction/configuring side of things.  With a bit of a tidy up,
it should be a fair bit easier to add new features (e.g. the polymorphic
datatypes idea that was raised a while back), improve existing features
(e.g. a lightweight <antcall>), conditionally switch on experimental stuff
(e.g. well, pretty much everything on the 1.9 action list), and reuse (e.g.
for, say, loading up task lib descriptors from an XML file - or in Ant2).

I realise, of course, that this stuff is the core of Ant, and that the whole
backwards compatibility story depends heavily on it.  So the question is,
would there be any support for doing this?  Exactly what "this" means, we
can decide on later.  I'm just trying to get a feel for what is fixed in
stone, and what is fair game for tidy-up.


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