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From Dave Smith <>
Subject C/C++ task
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2001 23:29:58 GMT

I recently started a transition for my company over to ant (from the
autotools suite), and along the way ran into a desperate need for a C/C++
Task. Since there didn't seem to be any, I wrote my own. It's fairly fully
featured, provides basic dependency engine, conditional defines, can link
static and shared libraries, etc. Anyways, I've gotten permission to
contribute it back to the Ant project and I'd like to do so. First off, is
the Ant project interested in such a task? (this seems a bit rhetorical..
:)) Secondly, what are the steps that I need to go through to get it
included? What are the standards for documentation, organization, etc..

I should note also that at this point the task is fairly gcc-centric, but
I've tried to make it as modular as possible because I need to support Sun's
Forte compiler as well.


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