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From Brian Deitte <>
Subject [PATCH] zip/jar improvements * 2
Date Sat, 08 Dec 2001 21:55:32 GMT
Here's a redux of the two patches I submitted recently, along with a two improvements added
after using the changes a bit more.  I also used "cvs diff" for the patches this time.

Changes are:

-new zip nested fileset called zipgroupfileset to enable wildcard zip merging
-additional debug logging
-don't add duplicate entries when adding multiple filesets

-mergemanifests attribute to enable merging of fileset manifests
-mergemainmanifests attribute to toggle merging of main section of manifests
-if a jar to be merged is specified in the manifest attribute, then this jar's manifest will
be used
-change line.separator before writing the manifest.  This is to get around a very annoying
bug in the jdk's jar verifier which causes some "\n"-newline manifests to fail on Windows.

Also includes doc changes for Zip/Jar.


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