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From "Bill Burton" <>
Subject Re: Virtual FileSystem Layer
Date Sat, 22 Dec 2001 04:47:13 GMT

Has anyone looked at jEdit's VFS (  However, even if
it is technically good, it's under the GPL license--but maybe the author
could be persuaded to contribute/license the VFS functionality under the
ASF license?

Here are a few links to some of the VFS related functionality:
* Core I/O - support for file, filesystem roots, URL, favorite locations
* FTP plugin -
* SQL plugin -

BTW, jEdit supports Ant builds via the AntFarm plug-in.


Magesh Umasankar wrote:
> I have been spending some time now on the VFS
> layer...  Nothing major to report yet, but I just wanted
> to sound off so that if I am going down the wrong
> route, I correct it right away.
> I evaluated at WebNFS, NetBeansFS (NBFS) and
> 1.  WebNFS seems to be going nowhere.  It has
> been dormant for quite sometime now.  Licensing
> is rigid.  Technically, it doesn't look so bad as it
> closely replicates's API.  But then,
> that really gives us very little.
> 2.  NBFS looks OK.  It has got a few filesystems
> already built.  There may be some licensing issues,
> I don't know, but that shouldn't concern us too
> much as, according to Peter, it is Mozilla (I haven't
> really check the license out, sorry).  But, as far as I
> can see, it seems to lack in sophisticated API features
> like searching based on attributes, etc., which
> we will definitely be needing for the Selector APIs.
> 3.  JNDI, by far, beats the above to, in my
> evaluation.  It is generic enough.  We don't have
> any licensing issues.  It has also become part of
> the core JRE (1.4 onwards).  Technically, it fits to a T
> what we are looking for - virtual file system that
> provides search controls, access attributes,
> url mounting, etc.  Furthermore, there's been
> some ground work already done for us at Jakarta/Apache
> (Catalina).  I have written a SPI for a FTPFileSystem
> - though it is in a real crude stage right now.  I believe
> this is the way to go because Ant's code would be
> operating at the (Dir)Context level and we can keep
> adding SPIs as we need them.  Furthermore,
> JNDI has been stable for quite sometime now and
> we can depend on a widely used API.
> I don't think JNDI is a heavyweight API for our needs.
> It seems to be the only one, so far, which encompasses
> at the APIP level, all the new functionalities that we
> desire to introduce.
> Let me know if my approach, so far, to go the JNDI
> route seems reasonable.
> Cheers,
> Magesh

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