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From Sebastien Boving <>
Subject Re: Modern compiler not available
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2001 18:08:05 GMT

Actually, a co-worker went through the same issue (on a very similar w2k&soft
install), and found the solution: Remove ant-XX.jar from the Sun SDK.

Even though it is nowhere listed in my CLASSPATH (or in the java.class.path or
javac classpath), somehow $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext/ant-XX.jar gets loaded before
the (real) ant.jar, and confuses everything. Renaming the file doesn't help,
you have to (re)move it out that directory

I can understand this can mix things up, but don't know the details. Also
think it's weird this problem does not occur more often (as i see it, any Sun
JDK + Ant user on W32 (or W2k at least) should have it). If anyone has the
exact explanation why my cure works, it'd be great...

thanks again for your help,

Diane Holt wrote:

> Maybe it has something to do with how Java was installed on the Windows
> box -- I know I couldn't get anything to work right when I installed Java
> on my NT using the installer, and only got things to work after I got rid
> of all that (just manually put the JDK files on my disk from a jar-file).
> I don't know what-all the installer did, but I suspect it put things in
> weird places and probably diddled around with the registry (can you tell I
> don't trust installers? :)
> Diane
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