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From Mathias Herberts <>
Subject Perl5 substitution task
Date Sun, 02 Dec 2001 21:57:30 GMT
Hi everyone,

I have developped an Ant task which allows to apply one or several Perl5
substitution patterns to
files. The task uses ORO as the substitution engine.

The task inherits from MatchingTask, it allows to specify an expression
(via attribute expr), or
a property (via attribute property) which contain respectively a Perl5
substitution pattern (s/.../.../xx) or a key to a property file, the
value associated with the key being a substitution pattern.

The task also allows for nested <substitution/> elements, each having
the attributes expr or property specified.

The result of the task is the application in the order defined of each
pattern (the pattern specified in expr being applied before that
specified in property in case both are defined) to the selected files
(as per MatchingTask rules).

I was wondering if such a task had already been done and if not I would
be willing to donate it to the Jakarta project for general use.


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