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From (Edson Alves Pereira)
Subject RE: Action List - Volunteers Needed
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2001 11:05:42 GMT
  I'll analyse the tasks and after i say to you with of then i can do!

  With best wishes,
  Edson Alves Pereira

Peter Donald <> wrote:

>Yesterdat I finally got around to looking at the list of actions that can be 
>done to get us towards Ant2. Unfortunately the majority of things I had in 
>mind were to controvertial so I had to axe them ;) However this list includes 
>a bunch of things todo and as soon as we make some headway into that I can 
>probably start bringing some items onto the list. 
>The list of items is available at 
>So if you want to get your name in the lights or maybe just help out feel 
>free to volunteer to document/implement/etc some of the actions. Some of 
>these actions are largish chunks of work so feel free to work together, work 
>incrementally, "borrow" ideas/code from comptabile projects etc.
>Most of these actions can be linked to specific email threads but I haven't 
>done that because my local mail archive is limited. If some one was to look 
>through the online mail archives and link the actions to specific threads 
>then that would be much appreciated.
>Anyways. The best thing to do is to just get started and try out some of 
>these things. Try to do your experimentation in a new package (say 
>org.apache.ant.experimental.<blah>) and keep us informed of your progress. 
>Try to also have a simple ant build file or maybe just a code snippet (if you 
>are working on making reusable utils) so we can have a look at it all.
>Feel free to ask if you want more info on any of the actions ;) and have a 
>bit of fun hacking at the items.
>"Invincibility is in oneself, vulnerability in the opponent." -- Sun Tzu 
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