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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Immutability Patch 2
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2001 09:28:38 GMT
On Tue, 4 Dec 2001 13:14, Erik Hatcher wrote:
> Yup, its me again!  :)


> The issue that Peter brought up with ant/antcall is being addressed in this
> patch.  Property was modified to allow setting user properties without
> warning, but that mode cannot be enabled from a <property> statement (I
> removed the setUserProperty method as it was undocumented and probably only
> used by ant/antcall under the covers).

Okay. I made a change here by making that constructor protected rather than 
public. I also readded setUserProperty() so as not to break binary 
compatability. However I nooped it and made it print out a annoying message. 
I also removed isUserProperty as it was never used anywhere ;)

> Project had several calls to setProperty in it, which in theory could
> generate a deprecated warning.  I added an internal method to allow setting
> "basedir" and a couple of other places to set a property silently if it
> wasn't a user property (setPropertyInternal, its protected, although
> private would have been ok with me too).

private it is ! ;)

> I modified getProperties and getUserProperties to return copies of the
> collections to prevent modifications of properties that way.


> I updated WHATSNEW (maybe the <available> back door shouldn't be mentioned
> there - maybe we should just close that open door :).

Well I will remove the blurb about available just in case it gives people 
ideas ;)

> This should be yet another step forward in the battle against property
> mutability.  Let me know if there are any problems with this patch or if
> I've missed something.


Could you check I applied the patch correctly and didn;'t miss anything ;)



   "Don't play dumb with me. 
I happen to be an expert at that" 
           - Maxwell Smart

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