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From Christopher Blunck <>
Subject class - Question on length field
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2001 22:27:36 GMT

I'm using jakarta-ant-1.4.1 and I noticed that in that the MAX_LINE_LENGTH is set
to 70.  I'm wondering why that number was chosen.  Here is why...

I'm building a J2EE application using Ant as my build and assembly
tool.  I have dependancies amongst my EJB components and (as such) I'm
using the Class-Path: feature in the MANIFEST.MF of each EJB JAR to
declare those dependancies.  

To accomplish this, I've written a file in each of my
component's META-INF directory.  After weblogic.ejbc finishes converting
my JAR to an EBJ JAR, I update the MANIFEST.MF file with the includes
from my file like this:

<jar jarfile="${build.dir}/jar/ejb-${}.jar"

Here is a snapshot of one of the files (note the long
Class-Path:     echo-core.jar ejb-userprofile.jar
ejb-providerprofile.jar ejb-property.jar

(Apologies if my email client has mangled this line, but all the entries
are on the same line and there is a carriage return at the end of the

When the JAR task in ant completes the re-jar'ing of my EJB, the
output'ed MANIFEST.MF file looks like this:
Class-Path:     echo-core.jar ejb-userprofile.jar  ejb-prov
 iderprofile.jar ejb-property.jar

I may have screwed up the splicing of ejb-providerprofile.jar, but I'm
sure you all get the point ;-). 

WebLogic obviously can't correctly deploy this EJB because the
Class-Path line is incomplete or incorrect. (Whatever you want to call

I made a change to your file and made the MAX_LINE_LENGTH
300 (instead of 70) and the Class-Path line was correctly generated. 
But I'm still left wondering why it was set to 70 to begin with...


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