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From "Curt Arnold" <>
Subject Re: C/C++ task
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2001 16:48:52 GMT
The license has to be Apache if it is ever to be distributed with Ant, which
has been a desire of all the other C++ task authors.

In the previous messages, there had been some discussion about setting up a
whiteboard/experimental area, however the current CVS setup makes it
difficult to open up just the whiteboard to people without commit rights on
the whole project.  Basically, if it goes in the Ant CVS right now, only a
handful of people could work on it and they aren't the people who are
interested in this task.

Matt Inger had set up an ant-contrib project on SourceForge that had the
goal of hosting experimental Ant tasks.  He gave me admin rights just before
he got married (congrats Matt) to set up a unification of the two already
submitted C++ tasks.  The intent is to use the area on SourceForge to refine
the submissions and then when they are ready for prime time to submit them
for inclusion in Ant.

There should not be a reason to set up yet another SourceForge project.

I've requested a mailing list to be set up for the Ant-Contrib project (Sign
up at  Though there may be a
several hour delay before the list is live.

If anyone wants to participate in refining the C++ tasks, please join that
list and we will take the discussion off the main ant-dev list.  Dave send
me your SourceForge id and I'll add you to the project developers list.

I'd start by taking the three existing C++ tasks and committing them to the
Ant-Contrib CVS as is in a contribution module.  So your implementation
could be stored in cpptask/contributions/DSmith or something like that.

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