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From "Curt Arnold" <>
Subject Re: [Ant-contrib-developers] Re: Fw: C/C++ task
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2001 17:45:14 GMT
The CVS is a mess right now as we have had three different developers in it
with three different ideas of how things should be laid out.

There were three base implementations, one by Adam Murdoch
(, one by Mark
Russell ( and
one by Dave Smith
(, and now we
know of a fourth in Tomcat.   Each one of the messages has an attached zip

I had intended that cpptasks/base-implementations be an archive of these
tasks and that development take place in cpptasks.  I committed Adam's
implementation unchanged exception for the addition of a build.xml file.  I
was reluctant to commit Mark's since it did not have the Apache License
boilerplate at the top of each file.  Mark got clearance from his employer
to add the boilerplate as long as he changed the package names.  Dave Smith
did include an Apache License in his source, but since he specifically did
not want to participate in the unification effort, I did not feel that it
was appropriate to commit his files to our CVS against his wishes.

After I committed Adam's base implementation to
cpptasks/base-implementations/Murdoch, Adam committed into the same area his
current take on unification and removed his original implementation that I
had committed.

So cpptasks/base-implementations/Murdoch currently contains our best
starting point for the c++ tasks.

The src and build modules contain multiple copies a few miscellaneous tasks
(Switch, ForEach, PropertyCopy and OsFamily) written by Matt Inger.

I'll propose some votes on the ant-contrib list to clean this up.

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