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From Matthew Kuperus Heun <>
Subject Javadoc task not correctly interpreting ** in paths?
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2001 17:59:42 GMT
Hi Folks:

I'm trying to use the javadoc task with "Ant version 1.4.1 compiled 
on October 11 2001".  I don't think it handles "**" characters or 
implied "**" characters in pathelements of a nested sourcepath 
element.  See the snippet of my build.xml file below for the comments 
which discuss the errors I receive.

Is this, in fact, a bug?  Or is it operator error due to my 
misunderstanding of how the javadoc task should work?

Any suggestions and/or comments are welcome.  If this is a real bug 
and not operator error, I'll file a bug report.

Note that there two files in this test.  Both have the "package;" statement.  They are:


I will be happy to send a zip file containing my unit test case and 
its directory structure if that would help anyone to duplicate the 
behavior that I see.

Using MacOSX 10.1.1.




   <target name="doc">
     <mkdir dir="${basedir}/doc"/>
     <javadoc destdir="${basedir}/doc" packagenames="*">


         <!-- The next 2 lines work as expected and correctly
              write the API docs to destdir. -->
         <pathelement path="${basedir}/src/SrcDir1"/>
         <pathelement path="${basedir}/src/SrcDir2"/>

         <!-- The next line should be equivalent to the above code that works.
              But, it fails, saying "No packages or classes specified." -->
    <!-- <pathelement path="${basedir}/src/"/> -->

         <!-- The next line should be equivalent to the
              above non-working code because of the implied "**", but
              I receive a different error message, namely
              "build.xml:38: /Users/matt/Dev/JavaDocTest/src/** not found." -->
    <!-- <pathelement path="${basedir}/src/**"/> -->



Matthew Kuperus Heun
Global Aerospace Corporation
+1 (978) 922-7115 (voice & fax)

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