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Subject Re: PATH element not resolved !!!! ????? Ant .1.4.1 , HELP please
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2001 16:32:57 GMT

Have you tried:

b.) running with the verbose option turned on to see if there is an issue
with property overriding (see the code you quoted - I don't know if you
copied it literally into your own task though, so I don't know if you
reproduced the "if set ...then else" behaviour)
a.) instead of calling your "configuration" task, setting the property
was.home explicitly? to see what happens..., whether there are any messages
concerning your property?


From: Joel Cordonnier <>  on 15/11/2001 17:04

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 Subje                                    PATH element not resolved !!!!  
 ct:                                      ????? Ant .1.4.1 , HELP please  

 Hi !

I have the following problem:

I have defined a new task named 'configuration', that
read XML datas. These task return the property
'was.home'. And I use these new task as follow:

<target name="configuration">
        <configuration block="Server"
configproperty="wasHome" property="was.home">
           <classpath refid="configuration.class.path"/>

Then, I have a target to compile beans. In this
target, we refer to a PATH element.
<target name="compileBeans" depends="configuration">
<javac .....>
<classpath refid="beans.class.path"/>

The PATH element is defined so:
<path id="basic.class.path">
          <pathelement path="${class.dir}"/>
          <fileset dir="${was.home}/lib">
               <include name="**/*.zip"/>

AND THE PROBLEM IS: the property ${was.home} is NOT
resolved in the path element !!!!!!!!!

WHEN i read the code of the <property> task, is see
that there are 2 possibilities in the 'addProperty'

protected void addProperty(String n, String v) {
        if( userProperty ) {
            if (project.getUserProperty(n) == null) {
                project.setUserProperty(n, v);
            } else {
                log("Override ignored for " + n,
        } else {
            if (project.getProperty(n) == null) {
                project.setProperty(n, v);
            } else {
                log("Override ignored for " + n,

The difference between User/not user properties ?? IN
MY OWN TASK, i just use project.setProperty(property,

Thanks for the help,

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