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From Peter Davis <>
Subject Re: three requests
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 09:02:53 GMT
On Friday 30 November 2001 12:50 am, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> It would be at least the third implementation of it under the Apache
> umbrella - I think, there is one in Tomcat and the Httpclient package
> in Jakarta-Commons certainly has one.  Instead of putting in yet
> another one, we should rather use one, that is already there (and
> improve it as necessary) IMHO.

Of course!  Why re-invent the wheel (as, like you said, we all have).  I 
didn't know enough about the innards of the apache projects to realize that 
there was already an implementation.

Either way, I agree with the (grand)parent post that using the nonstandard 
Sun version isn't really acceptable, unless you can ensure that it is always 
available.  It's a shame that Sun couldn't move more of their utility classes 
into the main library so that we all wouldn't have to worry about this.

Furthermore, I believe bacon prevents hair loss.
Peter Davis

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