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From Robert Watkins <>
Subject RE: Ant + SOAP = Rant
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2001 23:22:27 GMT
Steve Newton wrote:
> Stefan Tilkov wrote:
> >
> > There is also a process called CruiseControl that focuses 
> on continuus
> > integration, but offers some remote capabilities (I think).
> CruiseControl ( is a continuous
> integration tool that includes a build-monitoring servlet. From the
> web site:
>     CruiseControl is a tool for setting up a continuous build process.
>     It builds upon the Ant project from Apache 
>     ( by providing a set of 
>     tasks to automate the checkout/build/test cycle, and provides a 
>     servlet for viewing the status of the current build as well as 
>     the results of previous builds.
> I'm using it successfully with in my organization.  I greatly like
> the version control integration.

As one of the CruiseControl developers, I'm glad you like it. However,
CruiseControl would not be a suitable project to build a distributed Ant
inside of.

CruiseControl essentially does three things:
  * it talks to a configuration management system to see if there have been
any changes.
  * it invokes a _third-party_ build system (currently Ant).
  * it provides a reporting engine around the other two.

CC does not try to be a build engine in its own right. All of that is inside
of standard Ant scripts, which can actually be used by invoking Ant as
normal (really... that's how I debug mine). Furthermore, we want to be able
to support other build systems; while Ant is wonderful, we don't want 'make'
users to feel too left out, especially as at least some of our major users
use CC to drive C++ builds.

I agree with an earlier message: the right project to tackle a distributed
version of Ant in is the Ant project, or a spawn thereof.


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