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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject RE: removing deprecated stuff
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2001 10:39:40 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Peter Donald []

> > are fast in conclusion.
> > These projects do not represent at all a best case example.
> oh really?

Yes. Otherwise I'm in a dream about managing all the modules I have here.

> > They just represent a sample of entropy since they are 
> absolutely not
> > coordinated.
> except of course that gump runs them. This of course implies 
> that they have 
> reached a high enough quality to be included based on their 
> own merit or 
> because another project chooses to depend on them. 
> Oh and did I mention - Sam regularly sends patches to all 
> these projects to 
> keep them compatible with ant and as uptodate as possible 
> (because it breaks gump if they are not).

> No - no coordination here at all.

There is no coordination between projects.
Don't even tell me that 6 months ago Xalan and Xerces were synchronized it
is not even true.

AFAIK Sam is working alone on this and do his best fighting against
everybody who does not agree about his vision. He's doing an incredible job
keeping uptodate with the information that he is getting in all mailing
lists, but I do no think that every project keeps him informed about future
changes and so on. People are just starting to get used to it.

GUMP represent the latest status on development since they are always on
This is VERY useful information but it is in no case an integration build.
This is different.

I'm using similar information for the nightly builds here they are always on
LATEST for all modules.
This gives very important information when all these modules are supposed to
meet at some point and thus need to be stabilized.

> > They have nothing in commons...It's not like all these 
> modules were made
> > from the ground up to work together and therefore use a 
> common set of third
> > party and all synchronized together with defined milestone.
> and whats that got to do with the price of cheese?

eh, I just mean that they don't have to use a common set of well defined
libs and stick to it.
How do you want to integrate successfully a product in a shop where all
modules use a different version of the same lib ? This would be a nightmare
for every build engineer, QA engineer and software engineer.

No cheese involved in there :-)


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