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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject AdaptX & XSL:P
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2001 18:05:41 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Stefan Bodewig []
> On Wed, 21 Nov 2001, Stephane Bailliez <>
> wrote:
> > but obviouslly there is absolutely 0 interest to maintain the
> > support for AdaptX and XSL:P in style task.
> I'm not sure, want to poll ant-user?

Will do that.

> Why do you think there was no support for AdaptX?

1) no mention on Exolab pages of AdaptX AFAIK
2) is self explanatory

Who is using AdaptX but Intalio (ie Exolab ?)
If it is the case as Arnaud said, it will implement TraX anyway
I don't see the need to put an AdaptX task for Ant 1.5 just to remove it
shortly after, it has really no value unless there is an enormous demand
from users. Putting an XT task is much more valuable since it is still the
fastest Java xsl processor on Earth AFAIK, the community for XT is way
larger obviouslly than the AdaptX one. Unless of course AdaptX is way faster
than XT which would justify adding AdaptX in Ant.


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