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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: [Submit] Rounding error with dependency checking in
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2001 04:27:33 GMT
At 07:27 PM 11/28/01 +1100, Peter Donald wrote:

>It has been proposed that mapper act on attributes of a file other than name
>but that has been -1'ed. I actually think it is a good idea ... so feel free
>to lobby Stefan to remove his -1 ;)

Ok, how about this:

The <fileset> has an element that lets you select the group of files you 
want to work with (include), and then another one that lets you selectively 
remove files out of the fileset based on name (exclude). How about I create 
more selective removals that operate on attributes other than name. Changed 
file dependencies, a grep, whatever. This is in keeping with the existing 
design since you already do a filtering out of the items in a fileset.

Or has this been talked to death as well? I've tried to do a search on this 
topic in the archive, but I get way too many hits to figure out whether it 
has or not.

BTW, is there a reason the ant-dev archive stops at November 4th?

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