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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: <available> / <condition> breaking immutability
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2001 19:00:13 GMT
At 10:24 PM 11/26/2001 -0800, Steve Loughran wrote:

>yeah, and that is where webDAV gets complicated, cos it has this 'you can
>set any property you like' rule, with the 'except for these ones' caveat.

I don't see how this confusion comes up in Ant. A user can't set any 
property they like. They can only set initial values for properties. If a 
property already has a value, whether assigned by the user or the system, 
they don't get to affect it directly in any way. Completely consistent. The 
only questionable behaviour is whether users can feed a property into a 
task that has the option of changing it in a well-defined way.

The complication comes in how task writers work with properties, since in a 
few circumstances they will have the ability to alter a property value. But 
in those few cases you want them to think about mutability issues at that 
point anyway.

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