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From Gautam Guliani <>
Subject Re: http tasks online unit tests
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2001 16:24:31 GMT

As the person who submitted the http basic auth patch to the get task,
let me add some information here.

At 01:13 PM 11/3/2001 -0800, Steve Loughran writes:
 >I'm getting the http task set (get, post, head, setproxy) working again,
 >which, now that I understand much more about the intricasies of how
 >behaves across different java versions, should be better -although
 >implementation using http unit would be better. I am not re-using the
 >base-64 code recently added to <get> as I'm not convinced it works all the
 >time. When I am then it'll need pulling out into a standalone class instead
 >of a private inner class of Also, I dont have authenticated post
 >working yet, but will work on that later.

refactoring the base-64 code out, if it is needed else where is fine with me.
I would be curious to get details on the cases where it doesn't work.

 >1. I'm going to file this stuff in taskdefs.optional.http
 >2. I'm going to add unit tests under and keep that
 >out the main 'tests' target, so that only people that want to do online
 >tests will hit the network, and a test run doesnt fail when the net aint
 >there. I thought about using the <head> task to probe for the network, but
 >it can still trigger dial up of PSTN/ISDN lines and so incur costs.
 >3. I am going to run a subset of the tests against the existing <get> task,
 >also in the online category, verifying that the new authentication works
 >against a server using basic auth.
this was verified by me against two servers, but re-verification is always 

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