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From Kirk Wylie <>
Subject Re: Ant perforce task wit '-G'
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2001 18:00:47 GMT
Comments below...

Les Hughes wrote:

> Well, there are two things about linking to p4 through JNI, 1) it's a
> platform dep and 2) it's platform dep :-) The p4 tasks already need the p4
> client to run so they already have a native depend there. Since the p4 C++
> interface doesn't really buy us much I can't se the point in reworking
> P4Base.

I definitely agree here (though since I'm not actively working on this 
stuff I'm not sure how much my opinion counts), but with one major 
difference. It's almost certain that anybody who's going to be using any of 
the optional Perforce tasks will have the p4 binary installed on any 
machine on which they're doing work. It's almost certainly NOT the case 
that they'll have the API binaries installed on any given machine, and the 
amount of overhead that Ant would have to deal with to get access to them 
would be non-trivial indeed (writing a JNI wrapper, finding where the 
.so/.dll is, making sure that licensing rules are followed, etc.).

It would also break a common-case that I've seen throughout the rest of the 
Ant task libraries: relying on a command-line alternative even when a 
platform-specific API is available (I believe, IIRC, that the ClearCase 
tasks function like this).

Kirk Wylie

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