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From "Craeg K. Strong" <>
Subject Re: Property Precedence
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2001 18:17:20 GMT
There have been lots of discussions of this on ant-dev, and we have come 
up with
several examples that illustrate both how the rules work and why you 
want them
to work that way.  

The problem is-- these examples exist only in the ant-dev mailing list 
archives.  They
were never turned into real use cases and added to the Ant documentation 
set.  Based on
your question (and the fact that when first starting to use Ant, I had 
the very same
questions)  perhaps it would be worthwhile to do this.



Walker Joe wrote:

>If more than one thing sets a property, the rules as to which value is used
>seem to be complex and undocumented.
>I want to have build.xml files which are not generally modified, but that
>can be customised using a properties file. This can't be done easily with
>the complex and undocumented property precedence rules.
>Have I just not looked hard enough?
>Should I dig into the code and write documentation?
>There seemed to be some idea some time ago that the rules surrounding
>property where about to change is this still the case - am I wasting my

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